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An Ox or Bull without Horns

It symbolises a mean, contemptible and short person who will be deprived of his wealth and natural talent or gift.


We can perhaps give ourselves a gift or a reward for good work. There is something that has to be accomplished within a certain time limit. Often the person we have the appointment with may be important.

Gift / Give / Giving

In a spiritual sense, dreaming of a gift may be pointing us towards our creative talents, of which we may not yet be aware. We need to acknowledge the gifts and talents we have and use them appropriately. In a spiritual sense giving in is submitting to a higher authority.


If we dream of breaking something, we need to decide whether it is worth mending or repairing what is represented. A favourite gift might suggest a lack of appreciation of that particular association.


(Dwellings; Hardship; House; Journey) Buying or receiving an apartment as a gift in a dream means undertaking a distant and a difficult trip.


In a dream, pebbles represent men, women, little children, or counted money. They also mean memorizing a book of knowledge, understanding it, knowing it by heart, or writing poems. They also mean performing one’s pilgrimage to Mecca and pelting stones in the valley of Mina at a placed called Jamarat. Pelting stones in a dream also means harshness, toughness, slander, or youth. Collecting pebbles for pelting from a marketplace, a street, under the trees, or […]


Ten percent; acceptable to the lord; more is a gift, and the lord loves a cheerful giver


1. How it looks is reflective of one’s inner persona. 2. If one gives a shirt to someone it may represent a large gift (“the shirt off one’s back”).


To dream that you receive gifts from any one, denotes that you will not be behind in your payments, and be unusually fortunate in speculations or love matters. To send a gift, signifies displeasure will be shown you, and ill luck will surround your efforts. For a young woman to dream that her lover sends her rich and beautiful gifts, denotes that she will make a wealthy and congenial marriage.


1. Power, potency, strength and persistence. 2. Obstinate (as in “bullheaded”). 3. Fertility and strength. 4. Will soon receive a gift (chased by a bull).

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