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A dream of being on vacation indicates that you need to take a break from you regular routine to recharge your energies.


See “Clumsy” or “Vacation”


One is depressed (psychotherapists are on vacation).


A place of help and restoration, not necessarily a hospital; see “vacation”


1. If receiving an anesthetic, it may mean that one is try­ing to escape from reality. 2. Need for a vacation.


Dreaming of sailors indicates a desire to take a long vacation.


Desire to take a vacation near the sea (where the water is a beautiful azure color).


1. Need to find oneself emotionally. 2. Searching for peace in a stressful environment. 3. Need for a vacation.


To dream of basting meats while cooking, denotes you will undermine your own expectations by folly and selfishness. For a woman to baste her sewing, omens much vacation owing to her extravagance.


1. The desire for a break from it all. 2. The desire to be wealthy. 3. The desire to be free of current problems, to take off. 4. Longing for the good life. 5. One needs more time to oneself, on vacation.

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