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To see a check in your dream suggests that you may feel indebted to others.

To dream of a blank check symbolizes your unused potential.

If you receive payment by check in your dream (including getting a check by mail), you are being warned to be extra cautious with your money and in all romantic […]

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(paycheck) finding a check in a dream can symbolize receiving unexpected income. A check may also represent the wages of someone’s life, Rom. 6:23

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İmplying that one should check their banking records; see “check”

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Symbolic of financial blessing or the wages of your lifestyle, Rom. 6:23. If the check say’s “righteousness” it means you are living life rightly. If the check say’s “punishment” it symbolizes wicked living, Prov. 10:16

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1. There is some situation to be checked. 2. There is a question of trust when someone bounces a check.

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Bar Code

İmplies there is a need to check out all details

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Pay Check

If you dream of collecting a pay check, you will soon be needing the assistance of close friends. Don’t be afraid to ask for their help.

This dream may also suggest that you feel indebted to others for your good fortune.

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A hookup for multiple sources; if literal, there is a reason to check it out

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Safety Valve

İndicates a need for relief from pent-up emotion or pressure; a warning to check it out, if literal

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To be in adoration by another may mean you need to check on your ego. It may be getting bigger than what is acceptable by others, and delusional to you. If you are the one adoring another, be cautious that you are seeing that person (or others) as they really are and not as you […]